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  • Northway Coin Laundry
  • Doing Our Laundry at Bellevue Coin Laundry


Self-Service and we accept most credit / debit cards.

Our Washers
and Dryers

  • Washer sizes: 100lb, 80lb, 60lb 40lb and 20lb

  • Dryer size: 75lb, 45lb and 30lb

  • High tech machines take coins, Loyalty Cards, Credit Cards, or Smartphones

Convenience & Safety

Facilities Features

You can still use quarters OR your can pay with a credit / debit card, Northway Loyalty card OR YOUR SMARTPHONE. No longer do you have to get money, convert it to quarters and then insert the quarters one at a time in the machine.  Our credit card system is a “hybrid” system which means the machines will take credit cards, quarters, or both. If you’d like a loyalty card just visit us at northwaycoinlaundry.com.  When you get your card bring it to the laundry and use it just like a credit card.

We have well lit parking spaces adjacent to the building. Inside we have bright energy-saving lighting and 24 hour digital security recording. We also have 3 flat screen televisions and free internet access for your entertainment while you are here.

  • (4) 75lb dryers

  • (8) 30lb dryers

  • (8) 45lb dryers

  • (6) 20lb washers

  • (8) 40lb washers

  • (4) 60lb washers

  • (2) 80lb washers

  • 1) 100lb washer

    • (3) vending machines
    • 1 drink vending machine
    • 1 snack vending machine
    • (3) flat screen tv’s
    • 1 large soap machine that offers various sizes of soap, bleach and dryer sheets.


Northway Coin Laundry
113 Nashville Highway
Columbia, TN 38401

Open 7 Days A Week
6:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Bellevue Coin Laundry

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